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24 June 2020

Moalem Weitemeyer assisted the shareholders of H2I (Health Innovation Institute)

Moalem Weitemeyer assisted the shareholders of H2I (Health Innovation Institute) in the sale to Helsinki-based .

Health Innovation Institute is one of the leading healthcare consulting companies in Denmark.

Nordic Healthcare Group, owned by the Finnish private equity fund, Vaaka Partners, provides advisory services for the healthcare and public social services sectors.

Dan Moalem


+45 30 37 96 10

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Rasmus Juel Schiøtt


+45 30 37 96 22

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Poul Guo (Quach)/郭保罗

Senior Associate

+45 30 37 96 23

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Jeanette Kjeldgaard Rasmussen


+45 30 37 96 44

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Flora Hua Ting Chieng/张华婷


+45 30 37 96 26

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